Friday, 2 December 2011

Analysing Music Videos p2

You should analyse at least 3 music videos on your blog. They should be from a similar genre of music to the one you intend on working in.
You should embed the video of each track into your blog along with a title of the song and artist to make it clear what you are analysing. For each video you need to make sure you don’t just describe what is happening in each video, but instead are making analytical comments using key media terminology.
Analyse ONE in depth looking at:
• Camera movement, shots, angles
• Editing transitions, special effects
• Mise-En-Scene (colour, costume, props, location, facial expression etc)
Analyse ONE using Andrew Goodwin’s theory. Analyse how the theory could be applied to the video. (Use essay framework provided)

Analyse ONE using Mulvey’s male gaze theory. Can Laura Mulvey’s theory be applied to the video, if so, where?

For example: